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Local Elections 2019

Local Elections 2019

It must have been near midnight in February, 2016, as the prospect of yet another count loomed, the calculators came out, and the tallymen got to work.

It was then our tally expert, John Comiskey, reminded us that they were now counting 10th and 11th preference votes – does anyone vote all the way down the line, do you even think of who’ll you’ll give your 10th and 11th preference to?

At the same time, one of the nervous unelected candidates careered around a roundabout nearby, listening to the Ocean FM analysis, only content to exit the roundabout if the analysts had him elected.

Such is the drama of the day, the night, and early morning of election counts.

No matter what the issues, who the candidates are, election counts are a special uniquely Irish form of entertainment. This will be my 13th General or Local Election Count coverage on local radio. And I’m still learning.

You can get your front row seat for such theatre from 9am on the morning of Saturday, 25th May, until the last seat is filled (sometimes days later..).

Ocean FM will have live uninterrupted, coverage of the election counts in Counties Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal. We’ll have live video streams from all count centres, we’ll have exclusive access to the tally results as they are keyed in. And a huge team of news reporters and expert panellists in all three centres.

So it’s time to strap yourselves in again.

You can listen, you can watch, you can browse.

Good thing those electronic voting machines never saw the light of day……

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