North West farm officials to raise concerns over new forestry plan

Today’s AGM of the IFA will hear the concerns of local officials today in relation to more land in the north west being used to plant additional forestry.


Farmers believe they should have the first option when it comes to planting trees.


They’re furious over a deal struck between the Irish forestry business, Coillte, and a British investment firm.


It will see an average of 700 hectares of new forests planted over the next five years.


It’s feared that the north west region will be targeted for the planting of additional forestry with local farmers being priced out of the market for agricultural land.


It’s also feared that more story will negatively impact local communities with schools and small businesses closing and local community groups and sports clubs not having enough members to continue to exist.


Ahead of the IFA’s AGM today, President Tim Cullinane says farmers are hugely concerned about what’s being labelled a “land grab”: