Warnings issued of major housing crisis in north west

Warnings have been issued that a major renting crisis will escalate in the North West unless rent pressure zones are introduced across the Counties of Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

Rent prices in the local region have witnessed the strongest rate of inflation on record since 2006.

The figures are included in the latest Daft.ie rental price report.

The report found that the average rents in Donegal have increased by 24.3%.

Leitrim has witnessed the highest increase in the country at 24.8%, with the average rent now costing €779.

Auctioneer and former Sligo Leitrim TD Eamon Scanlon says a lack of action in protecting the rights of Landlords has resulted in many  selling their properties and as a result there are less rental properties available locally.

Threshold the national housing charity says there are increased demands for their services.

Their Western Regional services manager is Karina Timothy

She says that unless rent pressure zones are introduced in the north west the number of families that find themselves at risk of eviction will  increase:

So with a chronic shortage of property surely the solution is to build more houses?

Eamon Scanlon says it’s not viable for builders to build in many areas as they are unlikely to secure a high enough price to cover the ever increasing costs associated with the building of the houses: