Sligo woman who tried to help her brother get away with murder is back in prison

A homeless woman, who tried to help her brother get away with murder, is back in prison after breaching the conditions of her suspended sentence.

Janice Brady, with a last address at Maryville Hostel, Finisklin, Sligo, pleaded with the judge to let her serve what’s left of her sentence.

Keith Brady, from Cartron Estate in Sligo, murdered Matt Kivlehan in August 2015, and is now serving a life sentence for it after being convicted last year.

Mr Kivlehan, a well-known musician, was found in his apartment in Sligo with obvious stab wounds.

Brady’s sister, Janice, admitted trying to help her brother by staging the scene in the hope gardaí would think he had died by suicide.

The trial heard a knife was carefully placed near his neck.

She was jailed for four years, but at the end of last year, the balance of her sentence was suspended on condition she stayed with her father in Donegal.

She failed to comply and has been charged with over 30 new offences.

When she was brought back before Mr J Michael White today, she told him she felt ‘smothered by the system” and wanted to move on with her life without having her sentence hanging over her head.

Mr White directed that she be sent back to prison to serve the remainder of her sentence.