Retrial date set in Sligo murder case

A 30-year old Sligoman is to be tried again for the murder of a musician from the town in August 2015.

The second trial at the Central Criminal Court is expected to take place late next year in the case of Keith Brady, Cartron Estate, Sligo, who’s accused of murdering 59-year old Martin ‘Matt’ Kivlehan.
That’s after Justice Patrick McCarthy this morning set a new trial date of November 19th 2018.

The late Mr Kivlehan died from stab wounds in his home at New Apartments, Holborn Street, in Sligo.

Brady had pleaded ‘not guilty’ to murder but ‘guilty’ to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

However, the State did not accept this plea.

After a ten-day trial on the murder charge in the Central Criminal Court, a jury failed to agree on either a unanimous or majority verdict.

Brady is currently held in custody.