“Brexit vote could have major implications for North West” says McConalogue

There’s just a day to go until Britain takes to the polls in the EU in out referendum.

Both camps are on the trail again today in a last minute effort to swing voters.

In the North West there are some fears of a return to border controls and the implications a British exit could have on the region.

Cross Border workers, students and tourism in Donegal, Leitrim and Sligo could be affected by the Brexit referendum.

A Fianna Fail TD, is encouraging voters across the border to ensure their voices are heard in the historic vote.

Donegal TD Charlie McConalogue believes that the Brexit vote could have big implications for the North West of the country.

Voters in the Republic of Ireland do not get a say in tomorrow referendum but deputy McConalogue believes it is unique in that it will have a huge impact on our side of the border.

For many years people living along the border between the north and south of Ireland knew border checks only too well.

There is a real concern this week that these checks could return in the near future.

The historic Brexit vote takes place across the island of Great Britain and Northern Ireland tomorrow.