Breach of condition on staffing at Sligo mental health centre

A mental health centre in Sligo has been found to be in breach of a condition relating to staffing.


The Mental Health Commission has published inspection reports for approved inpatient mental health centres in Sligo, Laois, Dublin, Limerick and Monaghan.


The Adult Mental Health Unit at Sligo University Hospital is purpose-built acute mental health unit on the grounds of the hospital that opened in October 2020.


The unit serves Sligo, Leitrim, west Cavan and south Donegal.


There was one condition attached to the centre relating to staffing, whereby the MHC had requested that the centre develop and implement a plan to ensure all healthcare professionals working there are up-to-date in mandatory training areas.


The centre was in breach of this condition at the time of inspection and was issued with a warning letter by the MHC notifying them of this breach.


The registered proprietor took immediate action in response to the letter and implemented an action plan to ensure compliance with the condition.


The MHC continues to monitor these corrective steps.


There was an overall increase in compliance at the centre from 88% in 2021 to 91% in 2022.


There were three moderate non-compliances with regulations and rules at the centre.