40 hour journey through war torn country to deliver Sligo supplies

Supplies donated by people from Sligo for the Ukrainian people have arrived at their destination in Kharkiv after a 40 hour journey through a warzone.

Fergal Nealon of Rapid Response Ukraine was one of the drivers who delivered the much needed supplies to the Ukrainian/Polish border which was then handed over to Ukrainian volunteer drivers.

Through the war torn country, Alex, who was a rally driver before the war, drove through the night to deliver medical supplies, water, clothing and more.

Speaking to OceanFM News, Fergal Nealon says one reason for heading over was to establish and confirm contacts so a supply line could be set up efficiently.

He says all help goes directly to the humanitarian effort.

Fergal also said he met a mother and child on their way to Ireland.

He says they had very little English and were heading to a country that was foreign and alien to them.