Reducing herd will be ‘detrimental’ to north west, says Sligo IFA chairperson

The Sligo IFA chairperson says the suggestion to reduce the national herd will be detrimental to the north west.

New carbon budgets have been published by Climate Change Advisory Council aiming to reduce emissions by 4.8pc a year up to 2025, when the target will increase to 8.3pc a year.

Currently, 54% of Irish greenhouse gas emissions come from energy, under 5% from industry while close to a third is generated by farming, which is more than three times the EU average of 11%.

Minister for the Environment, Eamon Ryan, said it’s unlikely the the national herd will be cut and instead it’s likely to be reduced naturally.

Sligo IFA Chairperson Kathleen Henry says a growing global population with a reduction of  food output in the north west will mean food will have come from somewhere else.