Noticeable increase in 14 day rate across the north west

There has been a noticeable increase in the 14 day incidence rate of Covid-19 per 100,000 population across Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal.

It has more than doubled in Donegal while there has been a five fold increase in Leitrim.

According to the statistics from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre, the 14 day incidence rate in Co. Donegal is 838 per 100,000 population; it was 405.2 on the 9th of July.

1,334 new cases were recorded in the county during this time which accounts for just over 10% of all new cases in Ireland over the last 2 weeks.

Co. Leitrim has seen a five fold increase going from a rate of 46.8 to 240.3 and going from 15 cases to 77.

Co. Sligo has also increased from a rate of 209 to 253.3 while the number of recorded cases rose from 137 to 166.

The rate nationally has more than doubled going from 132.1 to 274.4 while a total of 13,065 new cases have been recorded; an increase from 6, 291.

Figures from the HSE, accurate as of 8pm last night, shows two patients were in ICU with the virus in Letterkenny while one was in Sligo.

Letterkenny also has the most patients in the country with Covid-19 at 12 with two confirmed cases in Sligo.

And as of yesterday morning, there were no critical care beds available in Letterkenny University Hospital with one available in Sligo University Hospital.