AGRI WEEK Climate Action Bill, IFA Day of Protest, UK & third county deals

After a fairly significant week in agricultural circles, the ‘Agri Week’ show reflects back on some of the key issues and how they will impact the local region.


A quick recap of the past week:

  • We had the Climate Action bill passed in the Dái yesterday.


  • Details emerged of a third Country deal between the UK and Australia the consequences of which could be significant for Irish beef farmers




  • We had the IFA Day of action which involved rallies being stage in Towns right across the country with the exception of Leitrim.  The IFA branch in Leitrim voted not to protest. They felt that coupled payments in Pillar One for sucker cows and ewes need to go to active farmers.


Our show starts with a report on the day of action from last week and then we move on to an extended interview with the IFA President Tim Cullinan.