Yoyo lockdown four will destroy hospitality industry

A Sligo restaurateur says if the government push ahead with measures to close the hospitality before the end of the year it will have a disastrous impact on the industry.


Sligo restaurateur Anthony Gray says if Gastropubs and restaurants are forced to close before the new year, it will be another nail in their coffins.


The Sligo-based former president of the Restaurants Association of Ireland says premises would have stock ordered for the entire Christmas period and the expected measure is an over reaction to the latest number of Covid-19 cases in the Republic of Ireland.




Some businesses in the hospitality are now looking at Lockdown number 4 coming down the tracks.  Antony Gray says that it is soul destroying for restaurant owners and staff alike



Alcohol seems to be the main factor in driving the National Public Health Emergency Team to seek the closure of the hospitality sector.  Dr Tony Holohan has expressed fears that the consumption of alcohol reduces the effectiveness of social distancing among revellers.


Anthony Grays says the yo-yo lockdowns are destroying people mental health and that health experts and the government are anti- Alcohol sales in premises such as bars and restaurants: