Drumkeerin residents fear further landslides

Another Major landslide on the side of a mountain in Co Leitrim is highly likely according to the latest report into the incident by the EPA.


Thousands of tonnes of peat was dislodged on to local roads and farms on the Dawn of Hope Bridge near Shass Mountain in North Leitrim earlier this year.


A new report into the incident has now warned of a high risk to land, property, and infrastructure in the area from a further landslide.


The latest report says the landslide took place after a period of prolonged dry weather followed by heavy rainfall.


The report added that  said an area of 55 hectares had been affected with nearly 12 hectares of land having “slipped” and 43 hectares left covered with debris.

Local Councillor Mary Bohan says that those impacted by the landslide in the summer must be looked after he also says that local residents are living in fear of another landslide occurring