Mullaghmore, Cliffoney sewerage schemes not going ahead, at least for now

The planned Wastewater Treatment Plant that will service the areas of Mullaghmore and Cliffoney will not be going ahead for now under the current investment programme.

In January of this year, Irish Water announced it was suspending progress on the scheme, which is estimated to cost €2.75m, until a national review could be undertaken.

As a result of the review, the plant has been pushed back to the 2025 to 2029 Capital Investment Programme.

Bathing bans have been erected around Mullaghmore beach numerous times over the years as the water quality falls below acceptable levels.

North Sligo councillors said around this time last year, the provision of new sewage treatment plants is the ultimate solution to dealing with the water quality.

Independent Sligo Councillor Marie Casserly says while it’s unfortunate there are delays in the treatment plant, County Sligo has been allocated €1.8m under the Small Towns and Villages Growth Programme.

Councillor Casserly says under this programme, Cliffoney and Mullaghmore are mentioned, which gives hope that funding will be allocated sooner rather than later.