First Covid-19 related death in north west

The first Covid-19 related death has been recorded in the North West.


In total three people diagnosed with Covid-19 died yesterday including a health worker.


The total number of Covid-19 deaths in the Republic of Ireland now stands at 22, and there are 2121 confirmed cases in the Republic of Ireland.


Locally the latest number of Covid-19 cases recorded include 15 in Donegal, 8 in Sligo and fewer than 5 in Leitrim.


Severe and wide-ranging movement restrictions on every citizen are now in effect.


Everybody in the country must stay at home until at least Easter Sunday, to try stop the spread of Covid- 19.


Until April 12th, everybody must remain in their home except for very specific reasons.


People can only leave for essential work.


You are allowed leave to buy food or household goods, to go to medical appointments and vital family reasons.


You can also leave for brief exercise, but only within 2km of your home.


Gardai will be out patrolling and can fine people.


People over 70 must ‘cocoon’ in their homes, and arrange food and medicines.


All gatherings are prohibited, including social family visits.


The Taoiseach said he was asking people to restrict their lives to save the lives of others.