Mixed reaction to latest Brexit developments

The Taoiseach says the legally binding assurances secured by the UK do not undermine the Northern Ireland backstop.


British MPs will vote on the withdrawal agreement later after the Prime Minister travelled to Strasbourg yesterday in a last ditch attempt to get Parliament to support her deal.


The EU has effectively promised Theresa May that it will not try to trap the UK in the backstop indefinitely.


Leo Varadkar says he hopes this evenings vote will have a positive outcome.



Meanwhile a midlands north west MEPs is absorbing and analysing the implications of the deal that was struck last night.


Marian Harkin says she is heartened by a promised made by the parliament’s  Brexit coordinator regarding the Good Friday Agreement.




The instrument agreed yesterday between the UK and the EU on Brexit will “water down” the backstop.


That’s the views of a leading member of the Border Communities against Brexit.



The Taoiseach has described the  deal as “complementary” to the withdrawal treaty,  however John Mitchell from border communities against Brexit has been telling Ocean FM that the latest agreement has reduced the importance of the backstop.