Residential properties numbers increase in the north west

The number of residential properties in the north west increased by more than 940 in the past year.

Meanwhile, County Leitrim has the highest residential property vacancy rate in the country.

In Donegal, a total of 521 dwellings were added to the county’s residential stock last year.

In Sligo, the figure was 323, and 102 in Leitrim.

254 residential buildings were under construction in Donegal in December 2018, compared to 59 in Sligo and just 19 in Leitrim.

Leitrim has the highest vacancy rate in the country at almost 16% while it’s 10.5% in Sligo. Donegal’s vacancy rate is more than 10%, compared to the national average of 4.8%.

The average residential property price in Donegal was €124,396, lower than the national average of €284,546. In Sligo, it was €148,493 and just over €113,000 in Leitrim.

In Sligo town, it was €151,378 and €115,789 in Carrick on Shannon.

Residential property prices in Donegal increased by 5%, in Sligo by 6.6% and by just over 5% in Leitrim.

The latest figures are from GeoDirectory, which describes itself as Ireland’s most authoritative electronic register of addresses matched precisely to their geographical locations.

It is developed jointly by An Post and Ordnance Survey Ireland and has a database of 1.87 million buildings and 2.2 million addresses.