Census reveals how many own or rent their house

There are 41,600 households in Sligo, Leitrim and Donegal that are owner occupied with no mortgage.

More than 23,000 households in the region have a mortgage.

These are among the revelations in the latest release of CSO Census 2016 results.

There are 16,335 owner-occupied households with a mortgage in Donegal, almost 7,000 in Sligo and 3,476 in Leitrim.

There are more than 25,800 households with no mortgage in Donegal, over 10,150 in Sligo and 5,570 in Leitrim.

When it comes to houses rented from private landlords, there are almost 7,400 in Donegal, almost 4,000 in Sligo and over 1,170 in Leitrim.

There are more than 5,100 households renting from the local authority in Donegal, 2,272 in Sligo, and 933 in Leitrim.

1,470 households are occupied free of rent in Donegal, while the figures is 440 in Sligo and 275 in Leitrim.