People reassured that frontline Cit Info and MABS services will be maintained

The CEO of the Citizens Information Board says there will be no change in the locations where its drop-in centres or those of the Money Advice and Budgeting Services are located.

In an interview with Ocean FM News, she insists the changes taking place at board level in the two organisations is NOT a cost-saving exercise.

Fourteen consultation sessions involving staff and board members of MABS and the Citizens Information Service, as well as CIS volunteerss, have taken place throughout the country.

It’s now planned to hold what are described as ‘group sessions’ to discuss issues aring from those consultations.

Angela Black outlines what these sessions will be discussing:

t the number of boards for both services from a total of 93 to 16, eight for MABS and 8 for CIS.

Angela Black insists there will be no job losses, no changes to the terms and conditions of employees and no change to staff locations unless staff themselves want to move.

She says the changes relate solely to the boards of the organisations and that while the county-by-country structure will change to a regional one, the locations of the various services will not change.

Instead the companies runing them will now be regionally based.

She adds that the objectives of the changes are to provide better services to more people and improve how they are run.

She says they have to adapt to changing times.