Call for border counties be given special support for Brexit

All the counties along the border are to be asked to support a motion from Sligo County Council calling that they be given additional resources to deal with the affects of Brexit.

Fianna Fail Councillor Seamus Kilgannon made the proposal at yesterday’s meeting of the council.

A similar motion was put forward by another Fianna Fail Councillor Jerry Lundy, who also wanted each county council along the border to set up a special policy committee on Brexit.

Councillor Lundy says it’s shocking to think that the majority of people who live in Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU yet the Conservative governmentin London was taking them out.

However, Cllrs Kilgannon’s and Lundy’s Fianna Fail colleague, Cllr Joe Queenan, dismissed the idea of having another special policy committee, saying they were little more than glorified talking shops.

Council Chief Executive Ciaran Hayes said the request was for more funding and he thought they needed to be specific about what this funding would be for.

Mr Hayes added that if existing plans were funded, it would go a long way to addressing the infrastructure deficit in the area.

Councillor Kilgannon told Ocean FM News the need for extra support for the border counties is bourne out by the fndings of a recent report on Brexit commissioned by the Department of Finance.