Farmers in Leitrim are being ripped off over Agricultural Diesel says IFA

Farmers are being ‘ripped-off’ with the high price of diesel at the moment.

That’s according to Leitrim IFA’s Pat Gilhooley following a new survey from the IFA which shows that farmers in Leitrim are paying 15 cent more for a litre of agricultural diesel than their neighbours in Donegal.

The survey shows striking differences in the price of fuel across the country with agricultural diesel now 4% more expensive and the highest increases are in the western counties.

In Sligo the price of agricultural diesel is 70 cent a litre which is 10 cent more than Donegal and 8 cent more than the national average of just under 62 cent a litre.

Normal car diesel is 116 cent a litre in Donegal, 117c/l in Sligo and again it’s much higher in Leitrim at 121c/l.

Pat Gilhooley who is the vice chairperson of the IFA’s Rural Development Committee says farmers are being ripped off and they need to shop around: