More needs to be done to stop rural crime says Leitrim Councillor

More needs to be done to deter crime in rural areas according to a Leitrim county councillor.

Fine Gael Councillor Sean McDermott says rural crime is on the up and north Leitrim is not escaping that fact.

He says that currently there is a lack of Gardaí in rural Leitrim, and there needs to be more on the beat in smaller towns.

Counties with bigger towns such as Carrick on Shannon or Sligo see more Gardaí posted there and it’s to the detriment of the rural areas according to councillor McDermott.

In recent weeks a large amount of farm machinery has been stolen from the north Leitrim area and Councillor McDermott told Ocean FM the likes of checkpoints on rural roads could make burglars think twice in rural spots.