Exam delayed due to traffic congestion near Ursuline in Sligo

No filming will be taking place in the Ballast Quay Finisklin road today at exam times.

It follows some congestion and subsequent stress caused to exams students trying to access the Ursuline College for their two o’clock paper yesterday afternoon.

Parents told Ocean FM that they had problems accessing the school to drop exam pupils off due to the ongoing road works and filming that was taken place.

The Ursuline College in Sligo say that students were facilitated and the biology paper exam start time was delayed and student were given the extra time needed at the end of the paper.

Meanwhile a spokesperson for the Meat Factory Films has told Ocean FM News that they regret any inconvenience caused yesterday and it would never be their intention to cause unnecessary stress to parents and students at exam time.

They held a meeting last night and say no exterior filming will take place in that area during exam times and will be kept to after-business hours where possible.

Road works have been ongoing in the area for some weeks now and Ocean FM News is awaiting an update from the Council on the matter.