Close to 32,000 cars fail NCT tests in the north west.

Almost 32,000 cars failed the NCT test across the North West in 2023.


The statistics were recently made available on the official NCT website.


In total, just shy of 75,000 tests were carried out in Sligo, Carrick on Shannon, Donegal Town and Letterkenny.


Sligo was found to have the highest pass rate, with 11,837 passes, which is 52.67% in total.


That was followed by Donegal Town, with a pass rate of 48.8%. That was marginally better than 48.65% in Letterkenny.


Carrick-on-Shannon came in with a pass rate of 47.2%.


Across the four centres, there was a total of 37,647 failures. 31,841 of those were major failures, with the remaining 5,806 listed as dangerous failures.

Letterkenny saw the highest amount of dangerous failures, with 1,676. That was followed by Sligo, with exactly 1,600.

Carrick-on-Shannon was next, with 1,450 dangerous failures, while Donegal Town had the least, with 1,080.

In total, the pass rate for the region was 49.59%, the major failure rate came in at 42.63%, with the dangerous failure rate accounting for 7.77% of the overall total.