Exploring your Nursing Degree options at Atlantic Technological University (ATU)

Exploring your Nursing Degree options at Atlantic Technological University (ATU)

Choosing a career in Nursing can be a deeply rewarding and meaningful decision for various reasons. A career in Nursing can be appealing for individuals who are compassionate, enjoy helping others, and seek a profession with a meaningful impact on people’s lives. The combination of job stability, diverse career paths, and the opportunity for personal and professional growth makes Nursing a rewarding and respected profession. Nurses play a crucial role in providing direct care to patients. If you have a passion for helping others and making a positive impact on people’s lives, Nursing offers daily opportunities to do just that.


When student Kim Creegan was considering her Nursing degree options, she explored all of the options available at ATU, initially considering General Nursing at ATU. Kim subsequently chose Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing and is enjoying her third year of study at ATU. 

Kim commented, “When I was considering my Nursing options, I was mindful that I wanted to help others. Mental Health/Psychiatric Nursing appealed to me as Mental Health is an area of nursing that I felt was not really talked about, then when I started researching the programme, the modules really interested me. Clinical and community placements are embedded in ATU Nursing programmes, recently I undertook a placement in the National Forensic Mental Health Service Hospital, and I found this placement rewarding and engaging. The class sizes are small at ATU, and the lecturers are always there to help, this makes for such a positive learning environment, I would highly recommend choosing Nursing at ATU.”

Dr. Justin Kerr, Vice President for ATU Mayo, Dr. Edel Mc Sharry, ATU St Angela’s Head of Nursing and Dr. Louise Mc Bride, ATU Donegal Head of Nursing further added, “Nursing offers a wide range of specialisations and career paths in areas such as emergency, critical care, GP practice, community, oncology, mental health, intellectual disability, specialised advanced practice, and many more. ATU offers one the largest provision of Nursing programmes in the Republic of Ireland. ATU’s Nursing programmes include robust clinical placements in hospitals, healthcare and community settings. Our on-campus facilities across the ATU are second to none with clinical skills labs that reflect the healthcare and community setting. The clinical laboratories on our campuses provide hands-on experience essential for developing practical skills and gaining real-world insights into the practice of nursing.”


The demand for qualified nurses is consistently high, providing a level of job security. Nurses are needed in various healthcare settings, from hospitals and clinics to long-term care facilities and community health organisations. Nursing is regarded as a highly fulfilling profession because of the direct impact on patients’ lives. The ability to make a difference in someone’s health and well-being can lead to a deep sense of satisfaction and purpose.


For more information on the wide range of Nursing programmes available at ATU, visit www.atu.ie/choosenursing   


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