Minister McConalogue to implement recommendations of Irish Deer Management Group

It’s hoped that recommendations published today from  the Irish Deer Management Strategy Group will lead to a reduced number of deer in the North West region.


Recently there have been a number of crashes involving and deer.


This morning the Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Donegal TD Charlie, McConalogue  published the Irish Deer Management Strategy Group’s report on developing a sustainable deer management strategy for the county.


The report includes a summary of the responses to a Public Consultation process and a complete list of the recommendations produced by each of the sub-committees.


The report lists 15 Actions, 8 of which are recommended for early implementation.


The actions include a wide range of issues from hunter training and forest design to land use management and the venison market.


The report calls for the establishment of local deer management units in known hotspot areas, a review of the current deer Open Seasons Order.


it seeks to establish the viability of the development of an independent deer management agency.



Minister McConalogue thanked the Deer Management Strategy Group adding that the growing deer population is a considerable problem and he confirmed he will be implementing the recommendations of the report in the new year.


Locally calls have been made by a number of County Councillors for a deer cull in the North West following a number of crashes involving the animals.


Speaking to OceanFM news Leitrim Councillor, Sean McDermott has called for a local deer management units to established in this region: