127 new houses to be built on the second Sea Road in Sligo

The Local Authority in Sligo has granted planning permission for the construction of 127 houses on the outskirts of the county town.


The houses will be built on the Second Sea Road.


Councillors gave their blessing to a Material Contravention of the County Development Plan in accordance with the recommendation of the Chief Executive of the Local Authority, Martin Lydon.



It’s hoped that the 127 new homes will help ease the housing crisis currently being experienced in the town.


The site is located north of the existing Aylesbury Park housing estate.


A planning application was submitted in August of this year.


The site is located on lands identified  as  part of the Strategic Land Reserve.


The Aylesbury Park Residents’ Association said they had no objection in principle to the opening of the new land for development in the area, but they did raised concerns in relation to traffic, road safety and health and safety.


It’s understood that the Developer for the project has a planning application in for a student development in John Street.