130 people homeless across the North West

A significant amount of people remain homeless across the North West.

The monthly Homeless Report has been published today.

The latest report from the Department of Housing shows that 130 adults are currently homeless in the North West, 110 of which are single adults.

The report also shows that 16 people aged between 18-24 accessed emergency accomodation in the last month across the region, as well seventy-three 25-44 year olds, thirty-four 45-64 year olds, and 7 people who were over 65.

Of the 130 homeless people in the North West, 104 were Irish citizens.

During the week of October 23rd, Sligo accounted for the highest amount of homeless people in the region, with 62. Donegal was next highest, with 56, followed by Leitrim with 12.

In total, 13 families accessed emergency accomodation in the North West, 8 of which were single-parent families.