Wide range of cost-effective measures announced for third-level students today

Third level students across the North West are set to benefit from new cost-effective measures announced by the Department of Higher Education today.

Among the measures are increases to the Student Assistance Allocation fund, as well as a reduction in undergraduate fees.

Up to 17 million euro has been made available to students nationwide, with St Angela’s, ATU Sligo and ATU Donegal students all set for a windfall.

Under the Student Assistance Allocation fund, two payments have been made. In September, payments were made under a general and part time allocation, with additional cost of education payments made this month.

In September, ATU Sligo received over €331,000, ATU Donegal got almost €295,000, and St Angela’s got just over €58,000.

In additional payments made this month, St Angela’s got over €48,000, ATU Donegal got over €278,000, and ATU Sligo got over €266,000.

Other measures announced by Minister Simon Harris include a reduction in undergraduate fees by €1,000. Any students or families that have paid fees in full will be refunded the difference.