Water issues continue to impact homes and businesses

Almost half a million people across the country are being served by an ‘at risk’ water supply.

That’s an increase of nearly 100 thousand people since 2021, according to the EPA’s latest report into public drinking water supplies.

Three of Donegal’s water systems remain on the Environmental Protection Agency’s the remedial action list.

Included in this are 3,518 residents Glenties-Ardara, 2,266 in Lettermacaward, while in Milford there are 2,560.

Meanwhile, water issues have also impacts many homes and businesses in Sligo.

Local Councillor Thomas Healy says it’s vital that proper infrastructure is rolled out to all areas.

The Sinn Féin Councillor says such services should be in place and not be used an vote getter ahead of the upcoming local and general elections: