Councillor says idle land in Grange needs to be put to use

A Sligo Councillor says it’s unacceptable that 13 acres of locally authority owned land in Grange is lying idle in the middle of a housing crisis.

Sinn Fein Councillor Thomas Healy says part the land which was purchased by the local Authority in 2002 for over a million Euro could be used for community projects such as the provision of badly needed burial grounds in the area.

The Sligo Drumcliff elected representative says it’s criminal that no development have taken place on the property in 23 years despite it being originally purchased for the building houses again.

Councillor Healy has called for the portion of land suitable for housing needs to be zoned as residential and included in the County Development plan.

He says the local Community in Grange should also have a say in the process.