Sligo Rovers ban supporters

Sligo Rovers have banned several supporters from attending fixtures at the Showgrounds next season following crowd distubrances during last month’s league game against St Patrick’s Athletic.

Trouble broke out between rival fans at half-time in the October fixture.

Rovers say they and the Gardaí identified the Rovers supporters involved using CCTV footage and they are now barred from attending games at the Showgrounds next season.

The ban duration and number of fans affected haven’t been specified.

A club statement issued on Wednesday adds that Gardaí in Dublin are carrying out a similar investigation into away fans behaviour at the same game in consultation with St Patrick’s Athletic FC.

The statement said:

Sligo Rovers does not tolerate and will not tolerate any anti-social behaviour at The Showgrounds or at any club fixtures and will continue to endeavour to ensure that problems such as those against St Patrick’s Athletic will not happen again.

While Sligo Rovers do not wish to ban any supporters from coming to The Showgrounds, we will continue to stamp out these incidents by issuing more bans in the future should we need to.

Sligo Rovers has a proud history, with a strong name and strong values in our community, welcoming people from all walks of life and welcoming families to our club and these incidents are not welcome or accepted at The Showgrounds.

We would remind supporters that CCTV cameras are operated throughout our match nights and these cameras were extremely important in dealing with this matter in the manner we have. Cameras are located in all areas of the ground.