Manorhamilton councillors hear how local authority can do little to help festival committees with insurance costs

The CEO of Leitrim County Council has told a meeting of councillors from the Manorhamilton Municipal District that there is very little the local authority can do when it comes to helping festival committees to cover spiralling insurance costs.



CEO of Leitrim County Council Lar Power told the meeting that the situation has arisen as a ‘marketplace failure’ with very few companies providing public liability cover.


He also informed Councillors that while he had sympathy for the committees facing these high costs he said that local authorities were not in the business of providing insurance for such events.



Speaking to OceanFM news after the meeting Independent Councillor, Felim Gurn, who raised the issue at previous meetings in addition to yesterday’s sitting said the government and the Minister for tourism need to act now.

The Independent councillor says blaming it on a market place failure is not good enough.