Majority of local properties pledged for Ukrainian refugees still not activated

Sligo County Council has confirmed that the majority of properties initially pledged by people in the County to house Ukrainian refugees have not been activated.


The Council says this is down to either the pledges being withdrawn or people being uncontactable.


Only a small number of the   properties pledged to Donegal County Council for those fleeing the war have been filled.


In a statement, Sligo County Council says it had originally received 159 pledges, 59 of these were assumed vacant properties while 100 of them were of a shared accommodation nature.


To date, 136 of these are not off the ground because either the person has withdrawn their pledge, are uncontactable or are no longer interested in providing accommodation.


In terms of the remaining 23, the Council says that seven of these are either occupied or are being activated while 16 have been inspected and works are being carried out by the property owners to bring up to standard


Sligo County Council is continuing to work with the implementing partners to move beneficiaries into suitable pledged accommodation.


Meanwhile, figures from the Department of Integration show that a total of 351 vacant properties or spare rooms were offered by people in Donegal to house Ukrainians fleeing the war.


The data also shows that 86 of these properties have since been withdrawn.


Nationally, it’s estimated that over 85% properties pledged for use by Ukrainian refugees and given to local authorities have yet to be filled.