Sligo IFA official questions how emission reductions will be achieved

The Chairperson of the IFA in Sligo says the decision to force a 25% reduction on agricultural emission levels was a bad day for rural Ireland.


The decision was taken by the government partners  yesterday evening with various figures between 22 and 30 per cent being debated over the last number of days.


It’s widely that there are no real winners as a result of yesterday’s agreement, the green party are understood to have been in favour of 30 per cent while many rural TD’s from Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael were weary of a rural backlash by introducing a figure in excess of 22 percent.


Kathleen Henry says the government have put the cart before the horse by imposing the reductions without announcing a clear plan in relation to how they expect to reach the targets.


Speaking earlier to Ocean FM news she says reducing emissions can’t be achieved by putting the livelihood of farmers at risk