Mica & Pyrite homeowners unhappy with redress scheme

Mica and Pyrite homeowners in Sligo, Donegal, Mayo, Clare and Limerick say that they will continue their campaign and protests until the Mica Redress Scheme is amended and until it is fit for purpose.


A joint statement has been issued from Donegal Mica Action Group, Mayo Pyrite Action Group, Clare Pyrite Action Group,  Limerick Action Group and Sligo Action Group.


In a statement the Groups say that the bill was due to be different.


They say that last week, they were due to see the fruits of their labor delivered. A workable scheme that would enable the thousands of homeowners across 13 counties to move forward with their lives.


Instead, they describe what was delivered as contempt for the homeowners, in the same week the Housing Committee heard quarries are still producing defective materials.


Over the past week, and pressed to the wall the group say they have worked around the clock to put forward 80  amendments to make this scheme work.


The homeowners are calling on the elected TDs to listen carefully to the amendments put forward and are warning that the scheme will not work without these amendments.


The groups also say that they have been given no time to review or debate the bill.


They are warning that if the Bill is not amended, the homeowners will not support it and that they will continue their campaign and protests until it is amended and is fit for purpose.