Remote working could be introduced to combat fuel crisis

North West residents could be asked to work from home in the event of a major fuel crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine, under secret Government emergency plans.


With many people in counties such as Donegal, Sligo, and Leitrim working remotely for some working days and traveling to their place of employment on others there is now speculation that the government could be asking employers to reintroduce remote working on a similar scale witnessed during the pandemic.


The Irish Independent claims to have confidential details of an emergency planning exercise between all the major state agencies and the Government.


The report says that in the event of a national fuel crisis, emergency contingency measures discussed at the high-level meeting including all non-essential workers will be ordered to work from home. Other measures could include:

  • A limit will be placed on all non-essential car travel
  • A strict limit on the amount of fuel motorists can buy at any one time
  • The implementation of an immediate and strict reduction in the speed limit on motorways.


It’s feared such moves would impact rural areas where transport services are not in a position to service the needs of commuters that have to travel long distances to work.