Fishing group claim lack of leadership by government is causing Killybegs crisis

It’s emerged that another fishing boat has been prevented landing at Killybegs over the weekend.


The Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association say a Norwegian vessel had to relocate from the harbour in Killybegs to Derry.  The cargo that was onboard the boat is being transported this by road from Derry to Killybegs.

Yesterday a further vessel was forced to declare its load was for ‘non-human consumption’. This allowed the vessel to weigh the fish on board in Killybegs with the water being removed.


The SFPA are insisting that fish to be removed from water to be weighed at Killybegs – that’s despite there being facilities at the harbour that allow for accurate weighing of fish, that takes into consideration the water needed to keep the fish fresh.


A public meeting attracted on the issue attracted an attendance of approximately 350 people on Saturday.


The meeting was attended by a number of elected public representatives.



Brendan Byrne CEO of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association has accused the Minister for Agriculture and the government for failing to show leadership when it comes to finding a resolution to the issue.