NCT pass rates published

When it comes to passing the NCT test success rates in the local region vary from 51% to 48%


The Irish Independent are reporting that NCT centres around the country had more vehicles fail than pass on the first attempt last year.


Poor roads are thought to be one of the reasons why so many vehicles fail the National Car Test.


Almost 1,420,000 vehicles were given their initial test in the 49 test centres nationwide in 2021.


Of these, only half (52.76pc) passed on the first attempt, 41.45pc failed for a major fault, and 5.79pc were deemed ­dangerous.


The test centre at Derrybeg, Co Donegal, recorded the most fails under the ‘danger’ category at 10.71%


When it comes to pas rates in this region the figures vary from 51.89% in Donegal to 44.28 % in Carrick on Shannon.


NCT pass rates were recorded at 49.07% in Sligo,  50.2% in Carndonagh and 48.99% in Letterkenny.