Continued pressure on North West Hospitals

Twenty five people are being treated for Covid-19 in the North West’s two main Hospitals today


The number of Covid-19 patients in hospital across the Country has dropped by 25 per cent in less than three weeks.


The figure now stands at 512 – down 18 from yesterday.


There were 685 patients in hospital with the virus on November 22nd.


Latest figures show there are 115 Covid-19 patients in intensive care.


Locally there are currently 10 patients being treated for Covid-19 in Sligo university Hospital with one patient in ICU.


Meanwhile the latest INMO Trolley watch figures make for more alarming reading for the north west region.


Letterkenny and Sligo University Hospitals are among the hospitals with highest numbers in the County when it comes to people waiting for Hospital beds today.


The latest figures show that between the two main hospitals in the North West Hospitals there are 90 people waiting on beds.


Letterkenny and Sligo University Hospitals occupy two of the three highest positions in the Country.


There are 50 people waiting at Letterkenny University and 40 at Sligo University Hospital. Limerick University Hospital has 47 people waiting on a hospital bed.


When it comes to the numbers in the Emergency Departments there are 24 in Sligo and 8 in Letterkenny.


In total there are 416 people waiting in hospitals across the county waiting to secure a hospital bed