Farmers say their efforts to improve water quality must be acknowledged

Following the release of a report into water quality by the Environmental Protection Agency today, a leading farming official is calling for recent improvements made by those in the agri sector  “to be acknowledged”.

Today’s hard hitting report by the EPA is claiming that nitrogen levels are too high in almost half of Irish rivers and a quarter of groundwaters.

However, the ICMSA has said that, while challenges remain for water quality, it was important that recognition be given to various initiatives being taken at individual farm level.

ICMSA President Pat McCormack says there are still issues at individual farm level and at industry level.

He claims that a number of agri-environmental sustainability measures and schemes have contributed to improved water quality.

The ICMSA president says the focus should be on “working with farmers on practical measures to further improve water quality through a new agri-environment scheme.

He also said there should be an avoidance of  ‘excessive regulations that are impractical and will not deliver the desired results.’