Speeding vehicles in Sooey putting lives at risk

‘An accident waiting to happen’  – That is the warning used to describe the danger of vehicles traveling at high speed through the Village of Sooey in Co Sligo.


The R284 goes through the village and the issue of speeding vehicles has led to serious concerns for residents of the village, so much so that a committee has been formed to address the many safety concerns which residents have.


One of the major concerns focuses on drop off and collections at the national school in the village which has an enrolment of 120 students.


There are major fears of a serious accident taking place at night time as it’s been claimed that a number of motorists deliberately drive at a high speed through the village in order to register speed reading on the digital speed signs which are located opposite Sooey Hall.


Sinn Fein Councillor Thomas Healy has worked on similar speed-related issues in Ballintogher and Killross in the past he says the village of Sooey needs a traffic management plan that works for all the residents of the Village and the 120 students that attend the local national school.