Large numbers attend Mica protest in Dublin

Thousands of people are protesting in Dublin today calling for 100% redress for pyrite and mica-affected homeowners in the west and north-west.



The Taoiseach says the Government will refine and improve the current scheme for homeowners affected by the mica controversy.




Donegal Fine Gael TD Joe McHugh says those impacted by Mica must be entitled to a similar redress just like homeowners impacted by Pyrite.



Mica and Pyrite are similar but at the same time different conditions that impact homes.  They are two forms of naturally occurring minerals found in stone that can result in damage to building components.



Deputy McHugh says the difference in the redress schemes  is where there is 100% of damages for homes impacted by for Pyrite there is only a 90% for those with Mica is a major bone of contention for those deemed to be impacted by mica:




It’s well known that housing or the lack of is one of the big challenges facing the government post the Covid-19 pandemic.


As recently as last week Sligo Independent Councillor, Michael Clarke called for the local authority to declare a housing emergency in the County.


So with a huge demand for housing how can the mistakes of the past, in relation to defective building materials be prevented from happing again?  Joe McHugh says enforcement of the new regulations will be vital.



However, for those living through the nightmare of Mica at present the future is bleak, Donegal homeowner, Eileen Doherty, says the cost of repairs is causing huge distress: