Getting Fitter Together with Rory and Carley in ROM

Francie is joined each week by Rory Mahon and Carley Quinn from ROM in Sligo. For the first 2 weeks Rory went through the benefits of walking and running as well as exercises and a food plan for each.

For the 3rd week, Carley spoke to Francie about the benefits of HIIT (High Interval Intensity Training) as well as some exercises and a food plan that are beneficial if you’re doing HIIT.

You can listen back to all three podcasts below as well as watching a video on each of the exercises from Rory and Carley. For more information on ROM Sligo you can visit their facebook page or their website.

All Podcasts can be found on SpotifyApple PodcastSoundcloud or wherever you find your podcasts. Just search OceanFmIreland.







The Francie Boylan Show airs weekdays 11am – 2pm.