Retailers & bogus creameries, the right to save turf, fishery funding & rising land prices – Agri Week


The IFA President Tim Cullinan has criticised retailers Aldi and Lidl for their aggressive and misleading strategy to drag down the price paid to fresh milk producers.

The leading farming official claimed that if the strategy continues unchecked, there is a risk of a shortage of milk on shop shelves.  We talk to the IFA president.


An increase of 20% has been made to the annual allocation of funding to Donegal County Councils for their development and repair work to be carried out on piers, harbours and slipways.

21 million euro is also being provided for the final phase of the 120 metre extension project at Smooth Point in Killbegs.  We discuss the funding with the Chairperson of the Council’s Fisheries Committee, Donegal MD Councillor, Niamh Kennedy


A Sligo Councillor calls for those living in the north west  to be allowed to continue to save turf Cllr Thomas Healy is one our guests this week.


And going going gone! Land prices according to the Irish Farmers journal is on the increase in Donegal.  We investigate if the claim is fact or fiction in the company of Donegal Auctioneer Cormac Meehan.