Cara’s Quayside pharmacy in Sligo to move to Wine Street outlet

The Cara Pharmacy Group has announced that it is relocating the Cara pharmacy business at Quayside Shopping Centre in Sligo town to the Cara store on nearby Wine Street because of high rent costs.

This follows the Cara Pharmacy Group having been taken over by a company called Renrew Limited.

The Cara Pharmacy Group says its store in the Quayside Shopping Centre will close in mid-March.

Prescriptions previously dispensed in Quayside will be dealt with in the Wine Street outlet.

Renrew CEO Patrick McCormack says all those working in Quayside will remain in Cara’s employment.

Mr McCormack, who started his retail career in Sligo, said the closure of the Quayside outlet was unavoidable due to ‘high unsustainable rental costs.’

He added that as new owners, they had a duty of care to staff and investors to ensure they operated competitively.

The Cara Pharmacy Group was recently acquired by Renrew Ltd following a High Court examination process.

Mr McCormack, who has 30 years experience in the pharma sector, says they now plan to grow the business across all stores.