Higher tax bills for those who return to work after receiving PUP

Hundreds of thousands of people receiving the Pandemic Unemployment Payment will be in for a high tax bill if they return to work this year.


It means people on the payment, who manage to secure a job, will see a reduced take home wage.


The Pandemic Unemployment Payment was set up last March when the pandemic started to give urgent social welfare payments to those who had lost their jobs.

Around 500 thousand people will receive it this week.

Last year those receiving the payment were given the option to pay their income tax bill over 4 years.

However this has now changed according to the Irish Independent.  The reports suggest that people currently receiving the PUP will have to pay back all the income tax due on it this year if they return to work –

This means that although they’ve returned to work, their take home pay after tax will be significantly cut.

Couples that are jointly assessed will also be hit.