64 additional of Covid-19 confirmed in North West

The Department of health have confirmed an additional 64 cases of Covid-19 for the North West region.



The cases are part of 1.378 new cases which were reported yesterday evening.


23 Additional deaths due to Covid-19 were also by health officials



8 new cases were reported in Leitrim yesterday, there 23 new cases in Sligo and 33 in Donegal.


219 people with Covid-19 were in public hospitals last night, the highest since the pandemic began.


The figure does not include any patients with the disease in private hospitals.


Last night, there were 25 adult ICU beds free nationally, with 10 hospitals with no capacity.


Figures show there’s 3 beds in Galway University Hospital and UHL, 5 across Dublin hospitals and just one in Cork.


There were 345 ICU beds open nationally, with the HSE saying it can push its capacity to 350.


Nationally, in public hospitals there were 1,930 people with Covid-19, with over 100 infected patients in nine different facilities.


132 people across the health system with the disease were on ventilators.