Number on PUP payments increase in North West

There’s been a huge increase in the number of people in the north west receiving the Pandemic Unemployment Payment in the past week — but it still remains far below what it was in the midst of the pandemic last year.


Almost 24,000 people in the region are due to receive the payment today, made up of 15,767 in Donegal, 5,471 in Sligo and 2,668 in Leitrim.


That’s a major increase on a week ago when just over 21,000 in the region for the payment.


However, it’s a massive fall on the 34,500 who received the money on May 5th 2020.


Nationally, 460,000 people will receive the pandemic unemployment today, the highest figure recorded since June.


The increase includes almost 32,000 construction workers who have lost their jobs as a result of the new covid-19 restrictions.


Padraig Peyton, Sligo-based honorary president of SIPTU, says the Pandemic Unemployment Payment is a means of survival for many at present: