Will St Angela’s College be part of new technological university?

The Minister of Education has heard that an amalgamation between St Angela’s College in Sligo with the proposed new technological university for the north west makes more sense than continuing the link with NUI Galway.

Fianna Fail Deputy Marc Mac Macsharry told Minister Harris in the Dail that the amalgamation of St Angela’s College in Sligo with NUI Galway is not consistent with government policy and various reports on higher education.

He also told Minister Harris why he is convinced an amalgamation with the technological university for the north west is the way to go.

Independent Deputy Marian Harkin said she agreed with Deputy MacSharry.

She went on to ask Minister Harris for the up-to-date situation about the Connacht Ulster Alliance and the formation of a technological university.

The Connacht Ulster Alliance was established by the three Institutes of Technology of Galway-Mayo, Letterkenny and Sligo in July 2012,

in his response Minister Harris was fulsome in his praise for St Angela’s.

He outlined the current situation in relation to possible merger options.